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Why I blog: Inspiring and Empowering Women, Building Community - A Journey to Find Myself

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Happy Women

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I'm not a writer. I have a degree in Human Resources and sometimes have a touch of grammar police OCD but, I'm definitely not a writer by trade. My 30's have been the biggest emotional roller coaster of my life. I kept finding myself reciting an inner monologue like a supervillain, plotting my revenge, and thought, "I can't be the only one going through so much at one time". My natural defense is humor, so my writing usually reflects that too. In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of "mommy blogging". These blogs, created by moms like me, cover a wide range of topics related to motherhood, parenting, family life, and I realized I wanted this to be about so much more. I'm a mom, sure and that's a HUGE, taxing, frustrating and beautifully rewarding part of who I am but, I was a woman first. I started out determined to find who I really am again and I'm using my blog as a stream of consciousness travel log, along the way. Here I have a platform where I can voice my opinions, teach others to laugh at themselves too, empower other women to get to know themselves again, and build a supportive community.

If you are considering starting your own blog, mommy or otherwise but have doubts, this article will explore what I've learned throughout my own journey. The Chaos Chronicles are so much more to me than just a "mom blog" to me. It's a record of my failures, my victories, my hopes and the me I've found along the way. I hope you find a useful tidbit too!

Table of Contents

Finding a Support System

One of the most significant benefits of mommy blogging is the opportunity to connect with other moms who can relate to your experiences. I live far away from the majority of my family and I hid the fact that I felt like I was on an island by myself. Sure I had my husband but, seriously, how helpful is he supposed to be in understanding what a woman goes through?! He's rough and tumble and me, well, I have to be able to put everything back together again (a LOT of times because I have two boys). Motherhood can be challenging, and sometimes it feels overwhelming to navigate through various issues on your own. By joining the mommy blogging community, I gained access to a support system that understood the struggles and could provide advice, empathy, and encouragement. Knowing that I wasn't alone in my journey was incredibly reassuring and comforting.

Realistic Parenthood Expectations

Becoming a parent often comes with unrealistic expectations of what life will be like with a child. That changes exponentially when you have more children or your little ones have special needs, like my little Nugget. I was SO not prepared, so very wrong... Mommy blogging provided an opportunity to reflect on my experiences and share the realities of parenthood. I was amazed to read stories from moms that were so like my own and weren't these perfect Instagram families where everything goes right and their children don't fight like wet raccoons when you try to initiate bath time. Writing about my thoughts and rationalizing them was a form of inner reflection that helped me navigate the challenges of parenting. By sharing my struggles and triumphs, I hope I can help other moms set more realistic expectations and find comfort in knowing that they are not alone.

An Outlet for Stress Relief

My husband stresses about NOTHING, literally. I am the opposite; I've thought out every potential negative possibility and I carry the weight of how to avoid each of them. Side note, I recently found Yogi Bryan on Facebook and he's got a podcast too; check him out! I've never been great at watching my language. It's a running joke in my family that if my little ones say a naughty word it's probably from my "mechanic" husband, hearty har har...yeah, sorry, I have no facts to support that. Momma has a potty mouth and as I get older I'm drastically losing the ability to control it (or even the desire to). I tried yoga and meditation (accidentally typed medication there, lol, that too honey), quiet walks. I just couldn't get into any of it. I really thought I'd never find anything that feels like me only at peace. Byan's my spirit animal, just sayin'...but, back to blogging. Parenting can be incredibly stressful, and mommy blogging offers me a creative outlet to relieve some of that stress. Writing about my experiences as a parent in retrospect allows me to vent, reflect, and find peace with my thoughts, my feelings, sometimes even my regrets. It's a form of "me time" where I can sit down and by the end, be at peace with my emotions. Many moms find solace in expressing themselves through writing, and the act of blogging can have a positive impact on your overall well-being.

Creating a Source of Income

Look I got bills and as of today, that still means me working a regular 9-5 (do people really get to go in that late? I wish.) Maybe one day. One of the remarkable aspects of mommy blogging is the potential to turn it into a source of income. Many successful mommy bloggers have transformed their blogs into profitable businesses. There are various ways to monetize your mommy blog, such as affiliate advertising, sponsored posts, selling digital products or services, and even creating and selling physical products. By combining your passion for writing and motherhood, you can generate a passive income stream while doing something you love. Please don't believe the lies if you read someone started their blog last week and this week they've retired! LIES! Yes, you absolutely can make a living blogging but, there is a good deal of time and energy involved. Just remember, your time and energy are a limited commodity and what you choose to put into your blog should be fruitful in your journey to achieving what's important to you, not an additional source sucking those resources dry.

Inspiring Others Through Personal Experiences

As a mommy blogger, I have the power to inspire and motivate other moms who may be facing unexpected challenges. By sharing my personal experiences, both triumphs and struggles, I can offer a sense of hope and encouragement to those who are going through similar situations. I am in no way qualified to tell you what you should do but, I've made enough mistakes you're bound to learn from one of them! I hope my words can resonate with other mothers, providing them with the reassurance that they are not alone in their journey. I know my stories have the potential to make a positive impact and create a supportive community of empowered mothers.

Sharing Knowledge and Expertise

Mommy bloggers often become a valuable source of knowledge and expertise in various areas of motherhood. There were so many times I'd wished I'd know who to go to for that, what's something I can try for this. I essentially just stumbled blindly through, probably half asleep and starving because I hadn't taken care of myself. With blogging I can share tips, advice, and recommendations on what I've learned along the way. I may not know the right way to do everything but, I certainly know a few ways of how NOT to do somethings. By imparting knowledge and experiences, I empower other moms to make informed decisions and navigate the challenges of parenthood with confidence. My insights can be instrumental in helping other mothers find solutions and make the best choices for their can yours.

Building a Personal Brand

In an expected twist, I really started to find my center in building my "personal brand". One of the biggest struggles I was having in this stage of my life was knowing who am I now? Mommy blogging provides an opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. By consistently creating valuable and engaging content, you can attract a loyal audience and gain recognition as a trusted voice in the blogging community. Building a personal brand opens doors to collaborations, partnerships, speaking engagements, and other opportunities that can further enhance your influence and reach. I found over time, my blog wasn't just a "mom" blog. I write about life, traveling, spicy romance novels, weird and nerdy gadgets I love and yeah, parenting stuff too. It was more than just a niche, I was starting to see who I am as a woman in the little pictures and aspects of my blog. Start somewhere you have a passion for, somewhere you find joy or relief or fulfillment in writing about and then slowly let your blog show you who you are as a whole.

Finding Opportunities for Collaboration

Being a part of the mommy blogging community opens doors to collaboration with other bloggers, brands, and organizations. Collaborating with like-minded individuals allowed me to expand my network, learn from others, and create meaningful partnerships. By joining forces with others, you can amplify your message, reach a wider audience, and make a more significant impact in the parenting space. I may have started out writing just for me but, I've found fulfillment in working with others on this too. Sometimes it's the connection with other women going through the no sleep, dirty diaper stage and sometimes it's talking with inspiring women who've managed to keep their identity, their waistline and sanity. I'm still learning from amazing men and women in the blogging community and doing more with my little blog that I ever thought possible when I started!

Documenting Memories and Milestones

How many of us start that adorable memory book with child #1; little precious pictures and cute crafts stuck on each page...we even kept that stupid log of how many ounces he ate at all 17 feedings each day of his first few months. Child #2 comes around and we got the book but, no pictures make it inside...we track feedings on a paper napkin stuck to our fast food cup. By child #3, I don't even have a book however, by that time all of Gods green EARTH and even my own thoughts are online for everyone to see. At first I felt like a complete failure. It seemed so obvious that I'd spent so much more attention and energy on my oldest. My youngest is Autistic and his teach asked for pictures of each family member to help him work on becoming more vocal...I realized I have pictures of the boys, LOTS of them, just none of me. There are literally 3,000 photos on my phone - I'm partially in a dozen and actually in like 5...with my youngest pulling my hair (his auto reaction for comfort) in 3 of them, insert eye roll here. Mommy blogging serves as a digital diary, allowing me to document precious memories and milestones of my children's lives. As a mom, time flies by quickly, and it's easy to forget the small moments that make up the journey of motherhood. By writing about my experiences as they happen, sharing photos, and capturing memories through my blog, I created a lasting record that we can revisit and cherish for years to come.

Expanding Your Network

Some inspiration doesn't even have to come from other moms. Mommy blogging provides an opportunity to expand your network and connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. By engaging with other bloggers, readers, and industry professionals, you can form meaningful connections, gain new insights, and learn from others. The blogging community, mommy or otherwise, is a supportive and inclusive space where you can make lifelong friendships and find a sense of belonging.

In conclusion, blogging offers numerous benefits, including the opportunity to find a supportive community, set realistic expectations, relieve stress, create a source of income, inspire others, share knowledge, build a personal brand, find collaboration opportunities, document memories, expand your network, find who you are again or, dare I say, reinvent yourself even. By starting your own blog, you can empower yourself and others while embarking on an exciting journey of self-expression and personal growth. So, why wait? You don't have to offer your first born in collateral, blogging doesn't have to have huge start-up costs. Begin your blogging journey today and make a positive impact on the lives of fellow conspirators around the world.

A little tip on your first step; remember to choose a catchy and memorable name for your blog that reflects your unique perspective on whatever you're wanting to blog about. Consider your niche within the broader mommy blogging space, whether it's finance, budgeting, recipes, DIY tips, health, beauty, or any other area that resonates with you. Selecting the right blogging platform, such as WordPress or Wix, and finding reliable web hosting are essential steps in creating your blog. At first, and as long as you find them beneficial, be sure to design your blog using as many free resources and tools available. Finally, don't forget to sprinkle your content with relevant keywords to optimize your blog for search engines and attract organic traffic. There are a lot of SEO videos on YouTube I watched in the beginning to get a better handle on understanding some of that but, many of the blog platforms also have a "hire a professional" option when you really need help.

Now, armed with the knowledge of the benefits of blogging, it's time to embark on this exciting journey and make your mark in the blogging community. Happy blogging!


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