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Thirsty Thursday: Try a Peanut Butter Island Cocktail

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Sensational end of the season drink that takes less 2 minutes to make! Goodbye Summer; hello Fall!

Peanut Butter Island Cocktail Ingredients

I'm team "adult beverage"; hello, my blog is called the Chaos Chronicles and I have a whole section entitled "Dare to Drink"...I'm game. With that in mind, I'll admit I don't actually love the taste of alcohol. When I recommend a drink, you can expect it to taste like the flavors of the ingredients I recommend.

The Peanut Butter Island Cocktail is no exception. It doesn't have fifty ingredients, you don't have to make a pin-wheel out of some rind for the optimal affect; it's just refreshing in the way a soda over ice would be but, with the unexpected twist of the flavor of peanut butter and just a touch of coconut.


What You'll Need

  • Peanut Butter Whiskey: 1 oz.

  • Coconut Rum: 1 oz.

  • Soda (we'll talk preferences down below): 6 oz.

  • Ice

  • 1 oz. Measurment

  • 1 Glass

Step 1: Let’s Get Started; Know Your Products

Ok, we're gonna spend a couple minutes talking about what kind of each I made tonight's drinks with. So we've had Ole' Smokey Peanut Butter Whiskey before and I like it on ice cream or in cream cocktails but, in this it's simply too strong (both the peanut butter and the whiskey). This round we went with Skrewball, you get a good "whiskey burn" but, alcohol wise it's less overpowering. Peanut butter wise....dare I say it tastes more like peanut butter to me?

For the coconut rum, we went with another newbie. I'm not gonna say Malibu or Captain Morgan brands wouldn't have worked here; you got it in the cabinet? Use it love. The Palms was just on sale but, I'm honestly not mad at it. Price wise it was cheaper and the taste is relatively the same as the other traditional coconut rums.

Soda....gonna upset the masses here...I'm a Pepsi girl. Glad we got that out of the way. We went Diet Pepsi here because it was in the house but, regular Pepsi would be great too. I'd offer up a Coke product but, don't go with anything already flavored or with Dr. Pepper products. There's just too much going on in those that might throw off your drink.

Ice. Go for whatever you like, watering it down isn't a big issue, you just want to keep it cold. I hate warm soda, ick. You could go giant cubes or a ball, crushed would be great (love to chew ice so I'm always a fan). Find what works for you.

Glass, let's face it. This is the most important part...come close. If you're not drinking out of something that makes people do a double-take, I'm not sure we can be friends...Find something fun to drink out of. My skull hand, stemless wine glass is one of my fav's this time of year.

Step 2: Get to Pourin'

This is the easy part. Put ice in your cup. Measure out 1 oz. of the whiskey and pour over the ice. Do the same for 1 oz. of the rum. Pour half a can of your soda over it. Now, this worked perfect for doubling the recipe too. So if you're not feeling like figuring out how much is half a can of soda, go for the whole can and double the whiskey and rum!

I did a tiny stir but, nothing major and I get the bubbles, I get both the smell and flavor of peanut butter and just a hint of coconut (which is usually an overpowering flavor in things).


Drink up friends!

I will add that I sipped my drip tonight; it wasn't a big gulp situation. It likely would have tasted differently that way, so heads up! Drink responsibly, have fun and don't drink it if you're not enjoying the ride.


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